About us

Grupa Doradcza KZP sp. z o.o. provides consulting services since May 2013. During these few years of activity, we noticed a need of entrepreneurs to associations, in order to fight for creation of good law. Therefore, with effect from 1 September 2016, Grupa Doradcza KZP sp. z o.o. has changed its scope of activities and implemented following development strategy:

  • Reorientation of the Company’s development strategy, including:
    • focus on lobbying activities for companies, particularly small and medium sized enterprises,
    • identification of needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to offer to these companies alternatives in terms of representation in the arena of economic and political,
    • nomination from among the concerns raised by the members of Grupa Doradcza KZP problems that require the most urgent intervention and selection of measures to address them,
    • building open channels of communication between members and between members and Grupa Doradcza KZP,
    • acquisition of new members in order to unite a significant sector of the market;
  • Starting a new type of activity as:
    • representative of the market before the chamber of deputies, tripartite committees, etc. (lobbying)
    • associations of companies, with particular emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to build a friendly platform to exchange views, discuss problems and to enable to establish business contacts and develop synergies of interprofessional activities,
    • maker horizontal dialogue between businesses (B2B) and vertical between entrepreneurs on the representatives of the administration (A2B), by organizing regular business breakfasts, which will be attended by members and invited representatives from politics and business;
  • Intensifying activity of raising the legal awareness of entrepreneurs by organizing regular trainings, workshops and conferences in various fields of law. Patronage over the education activity will exercise law firm Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Dariusz Ziembiński & Partnerzy (www.kzp.net.pl).