Breadth and Depth

Our Client base spans a wide type of business, both private and public. We are lobbing for a diverse mix of Clients, from listed companies to start-ups, from individuals to local authorities and public entities. For the most part, however, we unite small and medium-sized enterprises, which need strong representation in publicizing and pushing their point of view on the issues which are the subject of the work of national authorities, or to the contrary, which remain forgotten by another governments which come to power. In the private sector, we provide the full range of business advice required to implement practical strategies and resolve disputes. In the public sector, we counsel on transparent and reliable procedures for the disbursement of public funds and on establishment of regulatory systems in which the new private companies can compete. Whatever is needed, we are able to deliver the cross-practice, cross-border and industry-specific support that clients require for success in today’s competitive markets. We meet the needs of our Clients – we believe that KZP is able to meet them and ensure seamless, cross-practice, cross-border and industry-specific support, for it is such a wide support is essential in today’s highly competitive markets.

Client Focus

Clients expect knowledge of their business as well as high ability to persuade the national authorities on the need for appropriate solutions. Our combination of industry knowledge, in-depth research issues and creativity allow us to better analyze the Client’s needs and develop a suitable approach for the matter at hand. Clients receive tested insight and guidance from a team that understands their needs and is able to offer tailored solutions. And sawn lobbying trails allow us to reach with promoted solution for decision makers. Clients receive insights and guidance from a team that understands their needs and is able to offer tailored solutions. Then the Client is supported in the implementation of the developed scheme of action.