Training on amendment to the PPL, Warsaw

On 02.09.2016 in Warsaw was held the first training from the series of trainings on amendments to the Public Procurement Law. The first trained entrepreneurs already know how to fill in offers to obtain public procurements for own company.

From July 28, 2016 is in force thorough amended art, which forces on Awarding Entities and Contractors use of the new European norms and standards. Due to the size of the amendment the Awarding Entities are still reluctant to announce new tenders, hoping that others pave trails in BIP (newsletter in public information), TED and the KIO (National Chamber of Appeal). To meet expectations of business, we organized a series of trainings on the amendment of the PPL. Warsaw training, which took place as the first of this series, confirmed our belief that the demand for training of entrepreneurs, who recognize the public procurement market as a certain source of income, is high. The training was a great success – representatives of the business responsively reacted on obtained from the coach information. Entrepreneurs agreed that the training on the amendment to the PPL hit the nail of the hat. Patronage over the training undertook a law firm Kancelaria Ziembiński & Partnerzy (