Lobbying regarding amendment of the PPL

Works on the amendment of the PPL were long, tedious and frustrating, because often the demands of business were considered as unounded. Grupa Doradcza KZP from the outset actively lobbied pro-business, rational changes – with a great success!

Despite large obstructions, work under extreme time pressure in the final stages of determining the wording of the law, we announce with satisfaction that Grupa Doradcza KZP pushed through the repeal of Article. 26 paragraph 2b of the PPL, in its current wording. That provision concerned the possibility of relying on the knowledge and experience, technical potential, personnel capable of performing the contract, the financial or economic capabilities of third parties, practically without any restrictions. However, in terms of the sharing knowledge and experience by a third party, the Polish right shall go back to the roots – the principle of indissolubility of knowledge and experience from the entity that acquired the knowledge and experience has been sanctioned. Therefore, since the entry into force of the amended provisions, relying on the knowledge and experience will be possible only in the case of execution (as a subcontractor) by a third party works or services in the field of shared potential.