Training on amendment to the PPL, Torun

On 08.09.2016 in Torun was held a training on amendments to the PPL. The amendments covered approx. 60% of the provisions, and are highly problematic. Their meaning was clearly explained by the team from Kancelaria Ziembiński & Partnerzy.

Entrepreneurs from Torun and surrounding areas with interest listened about electronisation of orders, the concept of Best Value Procurement (BVP) and the rules aimed at increase of transparency of the proceedings. Still, they referred with a lot of skepticism to the expected effects of the amendment – i.e. easier, more cost-effective spending of public funds and realization of the order by the contractor who actually submitted the best offer and ensures its smooth realization. Entrepreneurs stated that such a broad sway of the Awarding Entities, deprived of numbers of existing control mechanisms on the side of Contractors in the still young Polish market economy, could become a contribution to increase the number of illegal attempts to exert impact on Awarding Entities to choose a specific offer, which does not meet the criterion of BVP. Could amended PPL after one and a half months of its entry into force required further changes? Patronage over the training took law firm Kancelara Ziembiński & Partnerzy (