Dariusz Ziembiński

Kancelaria Ziembiński & Partnerzy

Solicitor, a specialist in the field of public procurement law. He started to gain his professional experience in public procurement since 2000, and in 2005 he founded his own consulting company Konsultanci Zmówień Publicznych, Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Dariusz Ziembiński & Partnerzy (KZP, Eng.: Public Procurement Consultants), which have provided comprehensive services in the area of public procurements. He represents clients before common courts, the National Chamber of Appeal and adjudicating committees for violation of public finance discipline. He provides training and seminars. Active lobbyist of rational amendments to the Public Procurement Law. He cooperates with non-governmental organizations, associating various sectors of business, willing to co-shape legal regulations concerning procedures for the disbursement of public funds. He is an observer member of the Council of Social Dialogue and a guest at meetings of the Council of Experts appointed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction. Judge of the Conciliation Court at the National Economic Chamber of Road. Author of numerous publications in the field of public procurement.