Training on amendment to the PPL, Warsaw

On 29.09.2016 in Warsaw was held a training on amendments to the Public Procurement Law. The amendment is quite revolutionary, but the law firm Kancelaria Ziembiński & Partnerzy efficiently conducted training participants by this amendment.

The changes introduced by the amendment, which came into force on  July 28, 2016 almost completely reorganized regime of public procurements. Therefore Warsaw entrepreneur’s taught, how to evidence the fulfilment of conditions for participation in the procedure, what rules apply in terms of relying on the resources of a third party, and when the Awarding Entity has the right to retain the deposit. This is only a small part of the many changes, which were – step by step – discussed during the training. Although the amendment is not easy, attorney Dariusz Ziembiński brilliantly coped with this task – after the training we have received thanks from one of the participants, who wrote: “I must admit that I was on a number of trainings on the issue of the PPL, but this training was conducted with exceptional professionalism. The coach patiently answered questions bothering the participants, and the information obtained was clear and understandable, enabling the lightness of many doubts concerning the provisions of the amended PPL”. We are very glad that our trainings reach assumed goal – participants receive a substantial portion of the knowledge imparted in an accessible form. And we congratulate to attorney D. Ziembiński from a law firm Kancelaria Ziembiński & Partnerzy! (